Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Fraser Institute's credibility destroyed by local blogger

Local Saskatchewan based blogger, Joe Kuchta, has just posted an article on his "Owls and Roosters" blog entitled: Fraser Institute: Crown analysis “lacks credibility”; Estey’s TILMA concerns ignored; case for more tax cuts and labour reform weak.

The blog entry systematically destroys any and all credibility of the so-called "Think Tank".

The Fraser Institute are definitely stuck in an ideological rut that they are incapable of extricating themselves from.

Someone needs to inform the movers and shakers over at "The Fraser" that it is their failed policies of de-regulation, privatization, free-trade, and unfettered pro-corporate greed laissez-faire capitalism that has spiralled the world into the financial collapse and economic calamity currently being experienced around the globe.

We've had enough of the policies of groups like the Fraser Institute to last 100 generations.
Heck, even the Saskatoon StarPhoenix is calling them out: Fraser's analysis of Sask. Crowns lacks credibility

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