Monday, 1 March 2010

The importance of being an advocate

The importance of being an advocate

(This is the lead article from the March 2010 issue of the SFL Labour Reporter)

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On so many fronts, the labour movement is advocating for a stronger democracy, respect for human rights, and a thriving Saskatchewan economy. This edition shares just a few of those stories.

The SFL Trade Committee is working to expose the provincial government for signing onto an anti-democratic trade deal at the World Trade Organization. The procurement agreement could jeopardize local and provincial government’s ability to support local job creation and smaller businesses.

Guess who brokered the deal? That’s right, the Harper government, the same government who prorogued Parliament to avoid scrutiny over the treatment of detainees in Afghanistan. In a single back-door deal, we see both levels of government moving democracy backward.

Our Solidarity and Pride Committee is preparing arguments to present to the Court of Appeal on the Wall government’s proposed changes to the Marriage Act. The changes amount to discrimination against same-sex couples. Again, our government seems to be moving backwards, in this case around the issue of fundamental human rights.

You’ll also read an update on the Building Trades campaign to have Bill 80 withdrawn. The construction industry is thriving without Bill 80 – the current system provides labour stability, good jobs and a solid apprenticeship system. These things contribute to a stable economy and support tradespeople who want to work and raise a family in Saskatchewan. Call your MLA now. It’s not too late to have your voice heard.

Finally, I invite you to enjoy a special feature on SFL Executive Vice-President, Jan Cibart. Jan is a member of the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses and was recently appointed to the International Labour Organization as a worker representative on the issue of HIV/AIDS in the workplace.

Every time we advocate for fairness, equality and a strong Saskatchewan our trade union values shine through.

In Solidarity,
Larry Hubich

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