Saturday, 8 May 2010

Brad Wall gets his marching orders

Get ready for the next onslaught of anti-worker legislation, an elevated attack against our crown corporations, and attempts at wholesale privatization and de-unionization of health care.

The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce has just given Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall his new marching orders.
Don't let anyone fool you, the call by the "chamber" for a single act to govern all things respecting labour, by rolling it all into an "employment code", is a thinly disguised attack on occupational health and safety, workers compensation, basic labour standards like minimum wage and hours of work, and workers rights to unionize. They want the Trade Union Act, Workers Compensation Act and Occupational Health and Safety Act eliminated.

It is rapidly approaching the day when we need to stop spending our hard earned wages in businesses that are members of, or supporters of, the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce.

It's also time to focus our attention on turfing the chamber's puppets out of the Saskatchewan legislature. Governments have a responsibility and obligation to regulate and legislate in the "public" interest, not in the singular interest of the captains of industry in corporate back-rooms and behind closed doors.


I'm Just Saying said...

The time is right for a general Labour strike to protest what this current governments choosing to do

Mr. Neutron said...

Brad Wall has been Premier for 3 years. When do you think we can expect the rollout of the hidden agenda, the mass firing of civil servants, and turfing out the grannies into the snow?

Can you make up more scares like this? I haven't had a good Depends moment in ages. Note; union card is in my wallet.