Tuesday, 26 June 2007

TILMA supporters afraid to debate the scheme in public

Today, (June 26, 2007) various Pro-TILMA (Trade Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement) groups will be holding a TILMA Love-In in Saskatoon. They have refused, and are afraid, to hear alternative perspectives on TILMA.

Oh, they say they are interested in examining the "pros" and "cons" of the trade scheme - but not from anybody who actually opposes it. A couple of their Pro-TILMA cheerleaders will speak on the advantages/disadvantages and the pros/cons. And then they will have a stacked panel discussion facilitated by yet another cheerleader.

I have now attended two separate community forums/events where speakers in favour of this anti-democratic trade scheme where invited to attend and speak. They have refused in both cases.

In another Pro-TILMA event, held earlier in Regina - the organizers asked those in attendance (including the media) not to quote things said in the meeting. Why is that?

Those who support the TILMA scheme are afraid to debate us face to face and in the public eye. Just like the signers of the agreement - B.C. and Alberta - who signed it in secret, behind closed doors, without public consultation.

If the supporters of TILMA can't defend it in public forums then that is indicative their case in favour of it is weak. TILMA is bad for average citizens, and it destroys government's responsibility to legislate and regulate in the public interest.

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