Thursday, 15 November 2007

Robert Dziekanski's Taser Death

Robert Dziekanski was tasered and killed by RCMP Officers within 30 seconds of the RCMP's arrival on the scene at the Vancouver Airport. Where the actions of the RCMP warranted in this case? Or did the RCMP use excessive force?

This video is very graphic and some may find it difficult to watch.


Saskboy said...

It's terrible, and they didn't even start CPR, or visibly check for breathing properly as a CPR class would have someone trained to do.

C. T. said...

The only way to describe this is horrific. However I have commented on the story in my on blog

Unknown said...

Dziekanski lay dying after Taser hit as border agent scoured airport for him

OTTAWA — A border services officer who spoke a few words of Robert Dziekanski’s native tongue may have come within minutes of helping avert the Polish immigrant’s death, newly released documents show.