Saturday, 17 March 2007

Plan for 12-year-olds in bars shot down

AFL President - Gil McGowan

This is absolutely beyond belief. Kids should be in school, not working in bars and strip clubs.

It is being reported by that the Alberta Conservative Government had agreed to allow 12-year-old children to be employed working in bars. That is until the Alberta Federation of Labour blew the whistle on the deal.

It appears that the Canadian Restaurant and Food Services Association has been badgering their conservative friends in the Alberta government to loosen up the Child Labour Laws even further to allow the CRFA's members to hire kids in bars.

This is the same organization (the CRFA) that cries poverty and squeals like a stuck pig everytime there is even a remote hint of an increase to the minimum wage.

This kind of corporate behaviour, and government sell-out, is reprehensible and shameful. What's next for the likes of Mr. von Schellwitz and his group?

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John Murney said...

Thank goodness the AFL was on the ball that time!