Tuesday, 27 March 2007

SFL challenges Sask Party misinformation on TILMA

Saskatchewan Federation of Labour Trade Committee Chair, Gary Schoenfeldt recently set the record straight regarding the Sask. Party's allegations that the SFL has not analysed the TILMA (Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement).

Schoenfeldt wrote a letter to the editor of the Regina Leader-Post challenging Sask. Party Deputy Leader, Ken Krawetz for comments Krawetz made in his letter to the editor regarding TILMA which appeared in the same paper two weeks earlier.

What these two letters clearly illustrate is that when it comes to TILMA, the SFL is miles ahead of the Sask. Party.

We welcome a comprehensive and broad based public consultation on TILMA and I invite Mr. Krawetz to debate representatives of the SFL on this "so-called" agreement in a public forum.

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