Monday, 12 March 2007

University of Saskatchewan needs to refocus it's priorities

I think that the University of Saskatchewan should start paying attention to issues that are important to the citizen's of this province. Like being a decent employer, and negotiating fair and equitable settlements for all of the people who work there. After all this cheque for $100 Million is compliments of the people. (The cheque was signed by Premier Calvert, and presented to U of S President, Peter MacKinnon.)

We need the U of S to get re-connected to it's roots as the "People's University".

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glenda hiebert said...

Students on campus have a newspaper called "the Sheaf". In the recent Sheaf there is an article that is titled "List of things I want to do before I graduate:" at the top of the list was "Throw a bucket of red paint on Peter MacKinnon while he is in front of his wife."

It truly is amazing that the administration at the University of SK has effectively pissed off not only all of the workers but also the students at the same time. This reminds me of another TV show "How do they do that?"
or perhaps another TV show is more appropriate "Those amazing animals"

Can't even commend them on the adequate job these folks are doing.

...nope just can't do it.

-former pres of the University employees support staff