Saturday, 25 April 2009

Walmart's War on Workers

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall said he'd go to "war with unions" too!


myworld said...

I do not know why people continue to shop at WalMart. Brainwashed into thinking they are cheaper when in reality they are not - throw out a few lost leaders and advertise (brainwash) the hell out of it.

And the manner in which they acquire these goods is deplorable, forcing companies into exclusivity contracts at lower prices...

Employing child slave labour in foreign countries to make their garments, then attach a "Made In America" label to them... All documented.

Yet people continue to shop there. Brainwashed.
Attention to any union member who shops WalMart: Their owners hate you, and what you stand for.
The pennies you might be saving at times will not save the legacy you are leaving for your children. Really, it affects everyone, when seen in the picture painted in the video - thanks Larry.

Unless you don't mind them working the night shift at WalMart.

Chris said...

$2 Billion bonus to USA Walmart hourly employees - Reuters

Larry Hubich said...

Myworld and Chris, Thank you for participating in the blog.

I have only one comment, and it relates to what Chris added regarding the "bonus".

The 2 billion probably doesn't come close to paying what the hourly workers lost working off the clock, and all the other unpaid hours they worked.

Keep the bonuses, pay workers a decent wage, and pay them for all the hours they work.

Matthew Bennett said...

Hey Larry,

What a crazy video!

I am just wondering how organized labour make the distinction in workplaces like Walmart between employees who provide for a family off of a Walmart wage Vs. High School or university students who make a decent wage temporarily at a workplace like Walmart?
Would there be a way to unionize lets say members that have worked at Walmart for 2+ years or something to that effect? Or is it just not that realistic?

Larry Hubich said...


Thank you for participating in this blog.

In answer to your questions:

1. There is so much more benefit to being a union member than simply getting a better wage.

2. I personally don't believe Walmart pays a decent wage to either the person with family responsibilities or the student. It's poverty wages in either case.

3. There's no distinction between a worker exercising their constitutional right to belong to a union based on their years of service. Unions aren't just for people who plan to be around for a while, or people who have been in a workplace for a certain number of years. The benefit of, and right to, unionization extends to everyone equally, regardless of age, or tenure.

It's guaranteed in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. And reinforced by numerous decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada.

Annie O said...

Larry, while we're at it, why don't we create a whole new industry by employing people to determine wages according to need. Then, Walmart and other multi-nationals can pay according to the needs based models - it will just be another form of social assistance.

Everyone will have to submit their wage stubs, complete monthly income reports, and provide change of address reports, give their health card numbers, social insurance numbers, marital status, number of dependents, etc to determine need.

Students and people without any other form of income get higher wages.
People with other part time work, low wage, depending on amount of hours - get lower wages.
People that are just working to get out of the house will and have something to do will be considered volunteers.

Actually, I probably shouldn't even be posting this. Walmart will probably have the government workers implement it.

Oh well.