Monday, 19 July 2010

Brad Wall government refusing to release recommendations of Minimum Wage Board

Check out the newest posting over on the Owls and Roosters Blog entitled: Wall government refusing to disclose latest Saskatchewan Minimum Wage Board report and recommendations.

As has become their signature, once again the secretive and anti-democratic Sask. Party government are making a lie of their often stated commitment to provide "open, transparent and accountable government".

Saskatchewan citizens (through their tax dollars) have paid for Brad Wall's "new" Minimum Wage Board to conduct a review of the minimum wage, and to make recommendations. We paid for it, and we have a right to see it.

We also have a right to full disclosure of all submissions made to the "Board" along with a complete and total disclosure of all costs associated with and incurred by the "Board" in holding meetings, hearings, and research and assistance in carrying out their function.

If Brad Wall is prepared to attempt to trot out some phoney excuses, or assert that the recommendations of the "Board" contain priviledged and confidential material - then he's trying to hide something. One can only conclude that there are things in that report that will embarass Brad Wall, his cabinet, his caucus, and his hand picked puppets on the Minimum Wage Board.