Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Three New TILMA Postings over on "Owls and Roosters"

Check out these three new TILMA (B.C./Alberta Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement) related postings over on Joe Kuchta's Blog: "Owls and Roosters".

1. The first one is all about the Sask Party's Flip-Flop on TILMA entitled:
TILMA: Pre-election flip-flop destroys Saskatchewan Party Leader Brad Wall’s credibility

2. The second one exposes Gordon Campbell and Ed Stelmach's shameless attempt to peddle the TILMA scheme with the other Premiers and provinces entitled:
TILMA: Premiers Gordon Campbell and Ed Stelmach take their peddling act to Iqaluit, next stop Moncton

3. And finally, the third one analyses a new report on TILMA issued by the City of Calgary entitled:
TILMA: City of Calgary report identifies potential areas of negative impact; negotiations with province ongoing

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the referral to this site. I have just read the first article. Joe has done an excellent job researching this issue. The Sk. Party seems to think they can sign on to TILMA and negotiate what they want in and Joe has provided very clear examples that they cannot! I wonder when they will figure it out! I am convinced that this flip flop from them is just a ploy to gain electoral support and if elected, they will explore ways to sign a similar agreement and please their corporate friends.