Sunday, 17 May 2009

Wall government labour policy opens the door to corporate bullies

Photo of protest by Greg Pender, StarPhoenix

You can thank the labour legislative policies of the Brad Wall Sask Party government for creating a climate where workers and their rights are treated with contempt.

More and more employers are flexing their new found muscles, and acting like thugs and bullies, since Wall and his 'business at any cost' team tilted the power balance even further against workers and in favour of the bosses.

In the meantime, the part-time minister in charge of the labour portfolio, Rob Norris, is luke warm when asked whether he would intervene to assist workers. This particular minister never seems to have any problem making excuses for the boss, or going to bat for corporations.

Maybe he can convince his boss to change the name of his portfolio to "The Ministry of Management".

From the Leader-Post:

.....The cab drivers allege one of the company's managers has verbally abused many of the Pakistani and other South Asian employees with racial slurs.

The company said the comments resulted from a misunderstanding from one manager.

Norris declined to say if the department will get involved if the dispute with United Cabs goes unresolved, but said the department will be available for questions.

"I made sure officials will be on hand," he said.

Department officials have already met with some drivers to discuss labour standards, added Norris.

The investigation will include input from United Cabs.
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