Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Brad Wall government gives Saskatchewan (and Canada) an international black eye

Yesterday, the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) released it's Annual Survey of violations of trade union rights. Canada has been cited due to the actions of the Brad Wall Sask Party government for it's attacks against workers rights contained in Bills 5 & 6.

It is a dubious distinction indeed to be cited in the same publication as the likes of countries such as: Colombia, Burma, Belarus, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Iran, Pakistan and the Philippines where trade union leaders are routinely murdered or imprisoned for defending workers' rights.

You can read the report on Saskatchewan which opens as follows:
Province of Saskatchewan: In May 2008, Bill 5 (The Public Services Essential Services Act) and Bill 6 (The Trade Union Amendment Act, 2008) were adopted, reducing the bargaining rights of a union or weakening the right of workers to organise. read more here.....
For more information and to view the full report visit the ITUC Website.
See the SFL News Release here: ITUC condemns Wall government.

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Annie O said...

Surprise, surprise!!

The just society that Trudeau spoke about becomes more elusive. Unless, of course, you are a fat cat. I am sure that society seems just from their point of view. Perhaps if they had daily struggles for shelter, food, transportation and clothing, balancing pay cheques that are not sufficient to cover basic needs and having to choose between paying your heat bill and food, I wonder if they would still consider this a just society.

Good thing we now have "fair and balanced" labour legislation.