Monday, 20 July 2009

Think the Sask. Party government will protect you against an employer who rips you off? Think again!

Graphic by CALM

Attention employers: Don't worry about Saskatchewan's labour laws, Brad Wall won't enforce them anyway. In fact, he's just as likely to change them so you can get away with ripping off workers even easier.

Attention workers: Want your rights protected, want to get paid for the hours you work? Don't count on Premier Brad Wall, or Labour Minister Rob Norris, or the Sask. Party government to help. Get a Union!

The saga of Poverino's rip-off of 135+ workers and the theft of over $62,000 in wages continues. Today's Regina Leader-Post ran these two articles:

Left in the dark: How Poverino's walked away without paying 137 young people owed wages

Fighting Poverino's is personal for SFL's Hubich

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