Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Save Our Saskatchewan Crowns

For more information go to: www.soscrowns.ca

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rug1964 said...

It's the people of SK who will ultimately want to sell the Crowns. Not because they want to but because they have to! The Wall government has ensured that SaskTel, SaskPower and SaskEnergy are being operated in a fashion that ensures the poorest possible customer service thus frustrating the SK customers to the point that they will eventually say " get rid of the dam things"

The Wall government has even orchestrated a work place environment at the Crowns that has record numbers of employees leaving in unprecedented numbers.

Wall is killing two birds with one stone with his approach. He is attempting to break the unions and make the company more attractable to future companies who wish to purchase the Crown or it's assets by having no union or as little unionized staff as possible.

A pretty gutless move as far as I'm concerned.