Monday, 11 January 2010

Get back to work -

"Following Stephen Harper's cynical decision to suspend democracy for the second time in a year, an unprecedented backlash is building across Canada. On 23 January 2010, at demonstrations in over 30 communities from coast to coast to coast, Canadians will send an unmistakable message in defence of Parliament, pluralism, and our nation's proud democratic tradition."


Annie O said...

Quite the backlash building against our P.M. I wonder how long he thinks he can stay in his bubble and continue to ignore his employers. Oh, that would be us...the Canadian people.

Gee, some people just don't get it. When my boss tells me to get back to work, I get back to work, or I get fired. Too bad the same rules don't apply to everyone. But I guess only regular people have to be competent and accountable. Once you become P.M. seems you can do anything you want, and it's all good. Nice little thing you got going there Stevie. Oh, by the way...are you going to be telling us how you and your fellow elected officials spend your time off?

Corruption at it's finest.

myworld said...

no more Canadian flags on the backpacks... I'll have to call my American cousin and tell her to remove her former-friendly maple leafs from her suitcases - she swears our flags got her better treatment when she traveled - anywhere. Not no more.
I just hope the international community takes heed.
And voters stop acting like BRAINWASHED SHEEPLE

Turn off your tv, and especially the freaks on mainstream talk radio.

paperback said...

Too bad Harper didn't get a dictionary for Xmas. Accountability does not mean run and avoid responsibility when faced with a problem. Only cowards and irresponsible people resort to that tactic. Couple that with Harper's lack of respect for Parliament, and total lack of respect for Canadian Citizens who have elected opposition parties to keep the government in check, it's time to tell 'King Stephen' to get lost.