Friday, 11 June 2010

I will never buy another sandwich from Subway, EVER!

Photograph by: Jean Levac, Ottawa Citizen

As a result of the firing of an employee from her job at a Subway in Dartmouth, N.S for giving her free employee lunch submarine sandwich to the vicitms of a fire, I will never buy another thing from Subway, EVER!

You can not treat decent hard-working folks this way and face no consequences.

StarPhoenix coverage see here: Subway employee fired for feeding fire victims


WILLY said...

She failed to write off the sandwiches causing shrink. At ten months in, it should of been a warning, not a firing. Sounds like they were waiting for an excuse to get rid of her. Typical, cowardly, immature, middle management or some ego driven franchisee.

huffb1 said...

Will you still go to Mr.Sub Mr.Hubich?

the6000 said...

Subway franchises are owned by individual franchisee's, subsequently any employee relations issues are the managed at a local level and not a corporate level. If you decide to punish an entire corporation over the actions of one franchisee, doesn't this go against your argument that not every union or person associated (Teamster's getting confidential information) with a union should be painted with the same brush?

Larry Hubich said...

Thank you all for participating in this blog.

In response to a couple of the questions raised here:

1. huffb1: Probably not, I don't go there now.

2. the6000: Not the same. But, I'll give you this, if Subway exercises their option to revoke the franchise in this case, I may reconsider.

Tall, Blonde and Annoying said...

I can't believe someone would be treated so badly. Boo on the manager at that store, she/he should be fired for making such a poor decision. And Subway corp. should make a large donation to the victims of the fire -- and do something for the former employee. Help her go to university, perhaps.

That said, the6000 raises a good point -- Subway is a franchise operation, and punishing all Subways for the actions of one seems unwarranted in this case. If it turns out there's a systemic problem throughout all franchises, I'll join you in the boycott. But seems to me lots of teens get their start at places like Subway and I'd hate to harm those businesses if they're doing right by their staff.


Larry Hubich said...

Tall, Blonde, etc., Thanks very much for participating in this blog.

As I've said to "the6000" - if Subway revokes the franchise for this particular operation then I'll consider future purchases.

But a lack of concrete action on their part, or hiding behind claims that nothing can be done because of independent and autonomous franchises is tantamount to condoning this type of behaviour.

It's time to step up to the plate Subway.

Trent said...


I would love to hear one single word of condemnation from you over the way the Saskatchewan IBEW treated that poor woman who blew the whistle on the union bosses playing fast and loose with the members hard earned dollars. I believe the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in her favor, yet, where is your outrage?

But for the record, in my opinion, firing her was a real dick move. It's just a sandwich.

Larry Hubich said...


Thank you for your comment. The woman you refer to didn't work for IBEW, it was the Iron Workers.

And the case was well documented at the time it was making it's way through the courts. (The Supreme Court of Canada decided that case in the Spring of 2006. For the record, I never started this blog until 2007.)

My position always has been, and remains, if someone (or some organization) runs afoul of the law, they should be held to account. That applies to citizens, to companies, to unions, to politicians, to the media, etc, even to the police themselves.

Have a nice weekend.

Trent said...

So where is your harse condemnation and call for a boycott of the Iron Workers Union?
You are the first to cry that there is a double standard or bias when you think someone has slighted a union or a socialist, but when a union or socialist is completely out of line Larry is dead silent.