Saturday 18 December 2010

Saskatchewan women send News Talk radio a Dear John letter

Below are the most recent BBM ratings (released December 2010) for several Saskatoon and Regina radio stations.  The charts represent the demographic of female listeners aged 18 - 54. 

Enough said!
(click images for larger view) 


nixonreaganbush said...

So much for the Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh wannabe! This hate spewing blowhard, hired by the Rawlinson stations to be the official mouthpiece for the SaskParty/Conservative Party of Canada, to which they donate hundreds of thousands of bucks has a small following of like-minded right-wing nutbars. But as the chart confirms, it is a very small following, indeed.

Yep, folks, this is the same Rawlinson family which took the people of Saskatchewan for millions in their failed Pioneer Trust debacle in the 80s. 'Course, Doug and the gang are doing quite well on the advertising bucks the Wall gang throws their way.

One can only hope that the new NDP administration will cut off the cash supply and send Gormley packing...

DC in Toontown said...

The last time I had the stomach to listen to Gormley's hatefest, guest host Richard Brown SOUNDED more reasonable than the small man usually does. But just before or after the hour newscast there was an "ad"from Saskatchewan's Anti-Abortion group. Now we know for sure one of the hate mongerers in the money who is keeping Rawlco going. By the way, other top advertiers on the hate cast on a regular basis are Jerry's restaurant,Fuddruckers and the gas station which also owns the car wash. Methinks all the entities I've mentioned are owned by the same woeful person.

Saskatoon said...

He's a freaking has-been.
the polls have just finally caught up to what we know to be true.
Anyone who is a fan of old pill-popping Rush should not be taken seriously on anything.

Thanks to DC in Toontown for the confirmation of where not to spend my hard earned dollars.