Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Where's the Funding: Rural Health Care

Health Care is an important issue for everyone in Saskatchewan.

Our taxes are meant to provide everyone with REAL access to doctors, home care, hospitals and long term care services so that we can get the right level of care at the right time.

So why are people who live in Rural Saskatchewan being asked to pay an additional tax to get the same access that people in Urban areas receive?

The excuses from government are un-ending.

But there is no real plan in order to save our health care and keep it in good shape for our children.

It’s time to tell your MLA and the Health Minister of Saskatchewan that you won’t accept a two-tiered health plan.

Help put a stop to the under-funding of health care in this province.

Add your voice by sending an email now.


Unknown said...

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In our place, our mayor gives health care to the people on the community. We are glad that he comply the things what people needs. Every Sunday, medical personnel conduct free medical consultation in every place in our town.

zaliah said...

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Rural health personnel should give health assistance to the people on the community Rural leaders are the one who are liable to this matter. Many people are looking forward on them about this subject.

Mike from Vita said...

Do you want to stop underfunding health care in Saskatchewan? First, rollback the salaries of all the CEO's of the health regions and use that money for health care not lavish spending. Secondly, the majority of medical professionals do NOT want to work in Rural areas, if given the choice. They want to be in the big cities. That is why rural health services are being cut.