Friday, 23 September 2011

Know the issues, act on the facts.

In the October edition of the Labour Reporter you’ll find details about some of the things that we’ve been up to over the summer. You’ll have a chance to read about the recent SFL Summer Camp, the progress of Station 20 West, and the recent memorial for Nick Schaack. You’ll also find details about important issues including water, greenhouse gases, and other things to think about prior to the provincial election.

As the next provincial election swiftly approaches, it is extremely important for those of us that live and work in Saskatchewan to consider the issues that are important to us, and important to our families. An election is an important opportunity to discuss ideas and to make decisions about what we want our province’s future to look like.

There are some that say that in Saskatchewan unaccountable, unelected CEOs and their corporations should decide how our province is managed. Those same individuals believe that environmental standards aren’t as important as corporate profits, that regulations protecting working people’s safety aren’t as important as dividends for shareholders, and that the widening gap between the rich and everyone else isn’t as important as the bottom line.

There is another way, and it’s a proud part of our history in Saskatchewan. Instead of handing the keys to the province over to corporations, we can insist that our government keep our province in our own hands! We can insist that we decide what happens with our potash, our water, our conservation lands, and the rest of our beautiful province. The coming election is an opportunity for us to elect members of government that represent our shared values: cooperation, public ownership, and practical local solutions to complicated problems.

In order to help inform people about just some of the issues facing the people of Saskatchewan today, the SFL has ramped up our Labour Issues Campaign. Our sixth Labour Issues booklet, which deals with issues of the environment and the economy, is now available. In the coming days it will be increasingly important to order Labour Issues booklets, to send members to training sessions, or to order presentations. On November 7th let’s demand, with one clear voice, a government that puts the interests of Saskatchewan people first!
Download the October 2011 SFL Labour Reporter here.

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