Saturday, 10 March 2007

Sask Party says: TILMA contains no threat to labour

Sask. Party labour critic and deputy leader Ken Krawetz has come out on TILMA.

What Mr. Krawetz letter doesn't say is that TILMA strips away citizen's and their government's democratic right to regulate and legislate in the public interest. In other words, TILMA is the most "anti-democratic" corporate investment deal we've seen yet.

His suggestion that everything is protected (by virtue of being excluded) reveals that his comments are based on a superficial analysis of the agreement. On the other hand, we (the SFL and others) have done indepth analysis of the agreement. We've looked at the so-called "potential benefits", and they are certainly not worth sacrificing democracy for.

So, it's clear - the Sask. Party supports TILMA. In spite of Krawetz's weak attempt to alleviate the concerns of TILMA's critics - his party would sign on to the agreement in a heartbeat.

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