Saturday, 10 March 2007

U of S protest targets board's alleged secrecy

The administration of the University of Saskatchewan is out of control. No transparency, no accountability. Who's in charge of this mess???


Anonymous said...

Brother Hubich,

Pics of the rally can be found at:

Anonymous said...

The administration at the U of S is out of control.....much like many of the trade unions in Canada.

There is a serious lack of accountability from all sides. You are all pissing me off. Union, management, all sides. YOU ARE ALL DOING A POOR JOB!!! And the last thing I want to hear is some union slug telling me that it is management's fault. It is 50% your fault also; for failing to communicate and co-operate.

I also find it very odd that he people negtiating public sector wages in Saskatchewan are the same people who support the current corrupt government. Nice way to support your union sisters by paying off the NDP crony more han the union members go in damages. Score another vitory for the NDP/SFL; you really support your employees.

To fix things for the young people, please step down and let some fresh thinking in.

You all sicken me.