Thursday, 27 September 2007

Evo Morales on Jon Stewart's Daily Show

Bolivia Rising - Check here for more.

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Anonymous said...

I loved this interview. And then, Jon did it again. His comment the next day. He really can't stop him self. Every time he talks about Latino or Muslim countries, he falls into a 'low level' racism. Ridiculing the language, the foreign sounding names, the 'insignificance' of those countries. Remember how he ridiculed the anti-bush demonstrators when the shrub stumbled his way through South America. It is Ok for US democrats to protest bush, but those brown, funny speaking, overly emotional foreign people-no way.
Is he compensating? Trying to prove that he is a good American patriot (which frankly, does equate with 'racist' as far as anyone brown is concerned) and good patriotic (that is allergic to Muslims) Jew? Or is that no compensation, but simply the American (racist) way? I decided for now to assume the latter. The guy is funny, and between watching him and Olbermann and reading right and left wing blogs I get the general idea of where the US is at. Mustn’t grumble about the details. I only wish that knowing where the US is at wasn't so important nowadays.