Sunday, 30 September 2007

Through the Looking Glass with Jim Flaherty

Below is an excerpt from an interview that Murray Dobbin did with Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, it's good for a chuckle:

"Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has said repeatedly in recent weeks that the Canadian economy is "the strongest it has been in a generation." His obvious pride in this situation prompted The Tyee to interview the minister to explore the government's policies that led to this development.

Tyee: Mr. Flaherty, you stated recently that the economy is the strongest it has been in a generation. Could you describe for Canadians the set of economic policies that have led to this extraordinary situation?

Flaherty: Certainly, I would be happy to. Our New Government -- that is the New Government of the New Prime Minister, Stephen Harper -- has taken the view that the economy is best directed by the market itself and that government -- new or otherwise -- should just keep its hands off." ..............

You can read the rest of it by clicking here.

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