Thursday, 1 May 2008

Bills 5 and 6 are Anti-Woman

'the regina mom' has just posted a blog entry that illustrates how the Sask. Party's anti-worker, anti-democratic, and anti-union Bills 5 & 6 - are also anti-woman. Check it out: MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Bills 5 & 6 are anti-woman!


HankR said...


That's just grasping at straws. Regina Mom is a well know man-hater. The fact that you link to her is embarassing.

You talk about hate being wrong. Why would you link to the hateful Regina Mom?


the regina mom said...

It's interesting, hankr, that you denounce me as a man-hater when, in fact, I live with a man, have a number of loving men in my life and work in coalition with many progressive men.

Your comment, I think, says a lot more about your insecurities as a male than it says about either me or Larry. I hope attacking those working for the common good makes you feel better. I've got a pretty thick skin, thanks to the likes of you!

Larry, thanks for the linkage.

Larry Hubich said...


I wasn't aware that 'the regina mom' is (as you suggest) "a well known man-hater". I would like to see any evidence that you have to support your allegation.

In fact, she has never exhibited any hatred towards me whatsoever. Further, I can't remember ever having been approached by anyone else with similar allegations about her.

That being the case, I'm going to disregard your comments on this post.

leftdog said...
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leftdog said...

(Previous post had typo)
Hankr is demonstrating how the fascist mind works. I am sure that he has never met the regina mom, yet he attacks her with slanderous comments in his attempt to hurt her. This seems typical of the type of man who is violent towards women.

Trent said...


I have been in many, many fights in my life, from common fist fights to legal battles with City Hall, and I can tell you that if you want to win, keep yourself focused. What I mean by that is do not try and throw everything, including the kitchen as the saying goes, at your opponent; you will lose if you do. The best way to win is discover your opponents Achilles heel and zero in on it, don't try and hit every part of the body from head to toe.
When Regina Mom starts accusing bill 5 and 6 of being anti-woman, as though that is the agenda of the Saskatchewan Government, she is distracting from the main focus your cause and when people disregard her view, and a lot will, they will also disregard your cause.
I personal don't see a problem with the bill's 5 and 6, but I know in the Union World there is absolutely nothing the NDP can do wrong and nothing any other party can do right, so have it and good luck.

Unknown said...


How do you feel about the Leader Post survey which found that a vast majority of Saskatchewan residents support the proposed labour law changes?

Larry Hubich said...


I am not the least bit surprised by the results of the survey.