Tuesday, 17 June 2008

The Rich Just Keep Getting Richer

A tip of the hat to Ian Chadwick over on "The Mumpsimus Blog" for a revealing posting entitled: The Politics of Greed.

Chadwick does a good job of linking to various sources and reports which reveal the seamingly never ending explosion in the area of executive compensation. His entry graphically illustrates the obscene levels of pay and perks being enjoyed by the world's wealthiest.

The sources Chadwick links to include:
  1. The 2008 IBM Global CEO Study
  2. forbes.com - Special Report on CEO Compensation - 2007

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Unknown said...

Oh my. I'm not an executive so I'm jealous. I'm just a useless tit on the floor, not a nickle invested, no degree, but if I whine enough I'll make as much as him. SOCIALISM IS DEAD IDIOT. GET AN EDUCATION, INVEST,DO SOMETHING! It isn't going to be handed to you. There's an old rule; If you job doesn't pay enough, QUIT, move on, find one that does. DON'T SPEND YOUR LIFE ON THE PISS'N MOAN.