Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Temporary Foreign Workers getting ripped off in Alberta big time!

The Alberta Federation of Labour has issued a scathing news release chastising unscrupulous employers, a lax union and the Alberta government for creating the environment to allow Temporary Foreign Workers to be systematically ripped off, exploited, and effectively robbed.

Responding to an article that appeared in the June 18 issue of the Edmonton Journal - "Chinese workers ripped off, gov't admits" - Alberta Federation of Labour President, Gil McGowan said,
"The problems that led to the Chinese workers being ripped off are the same conditions that led to the two Chinese workers being killed on the same worksite. Lax government oversight, a company in a rush to make billions in profits, and a union that doesn't ask enough questions are all to blame."
Read the complete AFL news release here....

The Regina Leader-Post offers this article: Abuse of foreign workers unavoidable, Alta. Tories suggest.

What a huge embarassment this kind of treatment of workers is for all of Canada.

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