Saturday, 8 November 2008

Gordon Campbell, Last Champion of Financial Deregulation: Dobbin

There's a great column written by Murray Dobbin over on entitled: Gordon Campbell, Last Champion of Financial Deregulation.

The column discusses the B.C. Premier's insatiable lust to deregulate everything in sight. Particularly considering the recent collapse of Wall Street - brought on by corporate encouraged and government led deregulation of the financial sector.

But is he (Campbell) the only Premier in Canada who blindly and aggressively follows the pro-business, anti-citizen, deregulation ideology?

Given the track record, to date, of Sask. Party Premier Brad Wall - I'm not so sure. Wall recently created the so-called 'Regulatory Modernization Council'. (see Government News Release: Private Sector Input to Shape Regulatory Reform).
Translated means: Which is an exclusively business driven (and now taxpayer funded) lobby group whose real mandate is to recommend, support and justify a massive deregulation of everything in the province. See the Owls and Roosters Blog posting: Regulatory Modernization Council: Wall government turns policy making over to business lobby group Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

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Annie O said...

Of course everything government does for business is taxpayer funded.
Business can put in their heroes, the Sask Party, while stealing money from the middle class, to cut taxes for the rich to create "jobs" - Mcjobs. And paint unions and organized labour as the bad guys because heaven forbid you would actually want decent wages and benefits for people who are working their asses off.
I wonder if people realize that everything the government does for anyone is "taxpayer funded"?? Including everything they do for business?