Monday, 9 March 2009

Scary Movie - The Horror of the Employee Free Choice Act

From the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Campaign

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Our country is on the verge of "armageddon," "nuclear war," and "the demise of a civilization." According to CEOs and their front groups, the fabric of our nation may well fall apart, all because of the Employee Free Choice Act.

In reality, the Employee Free Choice Act is a bipartisan, common sense economic recovery for working families that will pump billions into our nation's economy."

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Joe C. said...

Stuff like this just disgusts me. I am so sick of busting my hump to get by as a single income family so someone can have a condo in Mexico. Don't get me wrong. A individual that starts up a business and creates job opportunities has every right to be rewarded. But when the line is crossed and the money begins to mean more than the people that make it for you. Well... that just makes me sick. It's just to bad that our society is wrought with greed and materialism. Otherwise we as labor would be capable of creating real change in society.