Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

Veteran Regina Leader-Post political columnist, Murray Mandryk has written a recent piece entitled: Government made Devine error. In the column, Mandryk compares the Brad Wall (Sask. Party) conservative government to the most corrupt and incompetent government in Saskatchewan's 100+ year history - the Grant Devine conservative government of the 1980's.
Are Saskatchewan citizens headed for yet another economic calamity and financial straight jacket due to another ideologically driven and incompetent government? Is the current government (which is totally and completely laden with former Grant Devine loyalists) capable of changing it's spots?
Only time will tell. Don't hold your breath.


Ken S from Ramara said...

"Citizens always get the governments they deserve!" Hallmark of recent conservative regimes, all across Canada, is to find ways for voters to fully disengage from the political process. Tories love declining voting rates! In this way their minority of core supporters become the majority. They concentrate all their efforts pandering to this group. Fortunately this demographic is growing older and dying off and they are not filling this gap with younger voters!

Anonymous said...


Great blog. Saskatchewan has a Premier who can't read a balance sheet (the private business ventures he launched in his few years outside politics, bombed).

Saskatchewan has a Finance Minister who can't count (only missed that potash revenue number by a cool $1.3 Billion).

Now this dynamic duo is blaming the 'system' for the diastrous provincial budget. The 'system' was not to blame, these two 'politicians' were. They thought they could fool Saskatchewan taxpayers if they just cheere loudly enough, often enough, but it didn't work.

Any changes these two make to the budget 'system'are likely to be designed to make it more difficult for the public, the news media and the Opposition to compare one provincial budget to the next. In other words, designed to hide more than it reveals.

Remember, Brad Wall learned everything he knows about budgeting and governance from Grant Devine and Eric Bertnson. Does that make anyone sleep easier at night?

I suspect not.