Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Why isn't the Sask Party government enforcing labour laws?

Can someone please explain to me why an employer can be prosecuted and fined for being in violation of the Saskatchewan Labour Standards Act by bouncing a couple of wage cheques as was the case with Tri-Star Security Innovative Security Services Inc. (see: Ministry of Labour website at: Enforcement, Accountability and Performance Measures).

And yet a different employer (Poverino's Pasta Grill) can be found in violation of the same Labour Standards Act for ripping off over $62,000.00 from 135 young workers and nothing happens? (see: Wage Theft in Saskatchewan).

Why isn't the Brad Wall government enforcing labour laws when it would benefit young workers? Why doesn't Labour Minister Rob Norris instruct the Ministries of Labour and Justice to prosecute Poverino's?

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