Sunday, 4 October 2009

Regina and Brandon based fast food restaurants accused of exploiting immigrant workers

An article appearing on the CBC web-site today exposes a disturbing story of alleged worker exploitation by a company which owns a total of 3 fast food restaurants in Regina, SK and Brandon, MB. The article is entitled: Foreign workers miffed over mistreatment.

According to the CBC story, the 4 workers were brought to Canada from the Philippines with promises of employment in Regina, and with promises of expense re-imbursement for airfare and health-care costs.

Shortly after starting their jobs they routinely faced threats and abusive treatment by the employer. In addition they were relocated to the company's Brandon franchise. According to the article the workers were living in a house owned by their employer and were being gouged for rent, paying up to twice as much as what the same home rents for today.

The company in question owns 3 Wendy's Restaurants, and is a member of the Regina & District Chamber of Commerce.

This type of situation is an embarassment to every citizen in this province, and country.

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