Thursday, 1 October 2009

Young workers still owed thousands - Wage Theft in Saskatchewan

There's an article in the October 1, 2009 Leader-Post entitled: Businessman pleads guilty to fraud, wherein a part-owner of a Regina based janitorial supply company was convicted of bilking the business and his partners out of $130,000. If you read the story, you'll come to conclusion that this businessman was charged and prosecuted by the "Crown" (government) for basically stealing from his partners and committing a fraud.

Quite a contrast to how some 135 odd young workers are being supported and treated by this same government. I'm talking, of course about stories that have appeared on this blog, and elsewhere disclosing a situation where a Regina based restaurant, Poverino's - ripped off a group of young workers and left them holding the bag for over $62,000 in unpaid wages.

See here for various blog articles:

The most recent development in the Poverino's case is a letter which was sent out to the young workers on July 16th, 2009 telling them that the Ministry of Labour has reached the limit of their ability to assist the young workers to collect the money they are owed. You can read that letter here.

I have a question - How aggressively do you think the government of Saskatchewan would be pursuing this (through the Ministry of Labour and/or Ministry of Justice) if one of these 135 young workers was the son or daughter of the Premier? Or the Minister of Labour?

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