Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Word on the Street – To Kill a Union


Elliott Taylor said...

Unfortunately Saskatchewan has seen its share of anti-union employers over the years.

I am reminded of the franchisee of a nationwide grocery chain that locked out RWDSU workers in Regina who were attempting to negotiate a first contract. Another franchisee of the same chain in Saskatoon systematically oppressed workers who signed UFCW cards until ultimately they marshaled enough support for a rescission action. Shop local, shop union. Refuse to shop in a non-union supermarket!

Trent said...

Did the construction job at Wascana go union? Or did the NDP bring in a nonunion construction company that belonged to people with strong NDP connections?
How about A & L Transport, is it union? You know A & L? The company that belongs to Roy Romanow's nephews?
Go after your cromrades in the NDP first, then go after the rest.