Friday, 8 April 2011

Moving Medicare Forward


Sask Man said...

Great presentation that makes a lot of sense. Clearly a nationwide pharmacy purchase plan makes sense, if we buy drugs for 30 million people at one time we would have tremendous strength and bargaining power, we would negotiate from a position of strength, fabulous idea.

Preventative care again is clearly the way to go, no differant than a piece of equipment/truck or car you are financially far better off preventing problems rather than waiting until you have to repair a catastophic failure that has been ignored.

The one issue not addressed by any of the folks in the presentation was the tremendous waste going on in the current system. How do we reduce and or eliminate the waste in the system. The medicare model to date has created some huge problems, it promotes multiple Dr visits, the more visits a Dr. gets the more he is paid. The Doctor / clinic themselves are a form of private enterprise that is tolerated by the system, thusly the Doctors being smart capitalists / businessmen use the system to maximize dollars. Also the money follows the Doctors not the patient, therefore a bad doctor is on the same level as a great doctor who would do much better if the patient could choose. In fact the system promotes lazy doctor and a work ethic geared toward $ not patient care.

Hospitals are the largest waster of money, they litrally hemorage (pardon the pun) money in numerous wasteful ways. From nurses to laundry and every level in between there needs to be much closer managing of overtime, abuse of sick days. Part of this problem (you will love this Larry) are the rediculous & costly deals the unions have strongarmed into place. We now have a system that promotes fewer workers so that those in the system maximize income. The other problem is that the current system has attracted many people who are in it for money and not to truly be health care providers, this is a fact. Finally the union mentality has created an adverserial system that does not promote harmony between workers and management, in fact it has created a visibly disruptive work enviornment.

Finally it must be recognized by all how much in taxes we all pay, from the wealthiest to the poorest. Right now the wealthy and the middle class pay the vast majority of the health care costs for CDN society, health care in Canada is certainly not "free" as so many like to claim, we pay dearly for it almost 50% of our tax money goes to health care, clearly there is waste in this system.

Medicare is in need of repair but part of the repair of the problems is the need to recognize all of the problems even if they may not please certain players of the current system, unless we look at "ALL" of the issues we are doomed to repeat them.

Sask Man said...

Here is some good thoughtful balance from former CMA President Dr. Brian Day

and Part 2,

Particulary on the inequality of the current system.