Tuesday, 12 April 2011

We get 30 cents back - People for Corporate Tax Cuts, Canada


susansmith said...

Excellent Larry - I laughed but dismayed by conbots who mindlessly post comments online with affirming that corp taxcuts are in everyday people's interest. Mindless bots!

Sask Man said...

Ya U guys R right, we should tax big biz to death and create jobs by expanding the public sector, you know more beuracrats to watch those evil big corps.

Listen U idiots, corporations R U & I, I have stocks, U have stocks, I have RRSP's, U have RRSP's if you have ever invested a nickel U own part of a big corp.

Further because you constantly say something does not make it true, growing business does create jobs.

Finally, after what the world has gone through with the global recession of course all biz big & small R building equity and gaining strength. If you want a peice of the pie, invest, hey everyone is doing it, even Larry trust me I guerantee he has been investing wisely, big biz is on sale, buy now.

Larry Hubich said...

Thank you for your contributions to this blog.

Sask Man, the recent problems in the global economy (recession) were caused by corrupt corporations, a deregulated financial sector, and outright corporate fraud and ponzi schemes.

Putting these criminals in charge of our economies and giving them a free ride results in nothing more than a shrinking middle class, an increase in poverty and concentration of wealth in the hands of a few elites at the top.

We need fair taxation where everyone, including corporations pay their fair share and contribute to a decent and meaningful society.

Thanks again for your comments.