Thursday, 21 June 2007

Alleged barriers grossly exaggerated by business

Joe Kuchta over at the "Owls and Roosters Blog" has prepared a compelling analysis that proves the allegations of barriers being trotted out to support anti-democratic trade schemes like the B.C./Alberta Trade Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA) are grossly exaggerated.

His analysis reveals that of the 170,000 businesses who are purportedly represented by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce - only 37 of them report experiencing barriers to trade within Canada.

Let me repeat that folks: that's 37 out of 170,000. In other words - that's 2 one hundredths of 1 percent (i.e. 000.02%).

"That so few companies could be bothered to respond to the Chamber’s national survey suggests that alleged interprovincial trade barriers are not a particularly important issue for Canadian business. It begs the question who is TILMA really serving?" - Joe Kuchta

For this we should agree, and sign on to trade schemes that sacrifice the democratic rights of citizens?

Stripped of it's rhetoric and unsubstantiated allegations - the Chamber's own analysis doesn't even make a case or justify a need.

It's time for some truth!


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