Friday, 29 June 2007

Sask Party rejects TILMA

On Thursday, June 28, 2007 the Sask. Party announced they would not sign the B.C./Alberta Trade Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA) in it's current form. They acknowledged the agreement raises significant concerns and many unanswered questions.

You can thank the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour, Canadian Labour Congress, Council of Canadians, Canadian Centre of Policy Alternatives, various Labour Councils, many Unions and numerous other individuals and groups for shedding enough light on the terrible TILMA scheme that it's flaws were sufficiently exposed for all to see.

This, inspite of a blatant and continuing media bias in favour of this anti-democratic corporate bill of rights. Joe Kuchta over at the "Owls and Roosters Blog" has done a great critique of a recent article which appeared in the National Post.



leftdog said...

While this is good news indeed, people should not forget how quick Wall and his party moved to iniitally embrace Tilma.

They have a record of knee jerk reactions. Their hatred of organized labour is such that any measure they believe will hobble working people is always accepted sight unseen. But now that workers, business and others can see how flawed the agreement is, the Saskies are knee jerking the other way. Don't trust them!

Here is a big tip of the hat to the SFL for tirelessly bringing this issue forward!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to everyone. You never know when any political party is going to flip flop but this is certainly a major victory nonetheless. In fact, I think the SFL should truly be celebrating the fact that their informed, tireless lobby has not only moved political parties, but got us a public consultation and created serious public education.

Our victories are so few and far between that I hope the people involved in this one are taking the time to celebrate and be proud!!

Loretta Gerlach

leftdog said...

Loretta, I agree totally!

Although he will be modest, Larry Hubich's leadership in this fight has been a real factor in this fight. That and the tenacity and hard work in the trenches by the committee that has done so much work here is what made the difference.

I feel good today! Working people in Saskatchewan should feel good as well!

Anonymous said...

This is a huge victory for now. However I would still be very leery about the Sask party plan. As Brad Wall has commented he still favours working on trade agreements between provinces. I understand his main reasons for opposing the agreement is due to "new growth tax incentives" and tax abatements could be challenged under TILMA. If you notice he never expressed any concerns how this agreement negatively affects working people such as labour standards, the trade union act etc. Combine this with a recent article during the hearings that said SK party may lose electoral support if they continue to support TILMA makes you wonder if this is a political ploy to gain votes. Also makes you wonder what kind of inter-provincial trade deal would be signed if he gained power.

Display Name said...

Look ... you people have got to quit being such sheep... that includes Larry Hubich... haven't you learned by now that when Brad Wall and the SaskParty say something like they can't support something in "... its current form..." that doesn't mean they will not.

It usually just means they want it to be even more aggressive. Don't be sheep - either ask Wall what he means or don't complain when he says things like this.