Friday, 31 August 2007

Great Place to Work

UPDATE: Here's a follow up article by the Leader Post's Neil Scott.

As reported in the August 31 edition of the Regina Leader-Post - according to the Fraser Institute (and their flawed methodology) - 2nd best is still not good enough. They continue to engage in the BIG LIE campaign that decent labour laws, strong public services and rights for workers make Saskatchewan a not-so-good place.

The Fraser Institute has a singular agenda, and that is to strip workers of every right and entitlement that they might enjoy in a free and democratic society -- and then hand those rights over to the control of the corporate elite for determination.

And according to this article, Brad Wall would deliver just that to the Fraser Institute and the richest, greediest CEO's from North American companies if he ever became Premier of Saskatchewan.

As stated in this article - the Fraser Institute says Saskatchewan has "pro-union labour laws," "high public sector employment" and "relatively high minimum wages" - which they (the Fraser Institute and apparently Brad Wall) don't like.

Translated, given the opportunity they would strip away worker rights: like Health and Safety laws, and protection from harassment; like Labour Standards; like Minimum Wages; and like a workers' constitutional right to join a union ........... and then they would disband government departments, privatize health care and sell off the Crown Corporations - to get rid of those pesky public sector workers.

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