Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Saskatchewan Government rejects anti-democratic TILMA scheme

Today (August 1, 2007) the Saskatchewan Government announced that it is rejecting the B.C./Alberta Trade Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA).

At a news conference held in Regina, Government Relations Minister Harry Van Mulligan said, "After careful study, the government has concluded that the Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement in not for Saskatchewan."

See the official announcement by clicking here.

See the CBC website report by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

This is great news that our government has rejected TILMA. This agreement is a bad deal for our province - there are too many risks, and too much uncertainty on how this agreement impacts our province. This agreement also restricts the ability of all levels of government to govern in the best interest of the people.

Anonymous said...

As a bonus, it does not bode well for the nincompoop "negotiators" in Alberta and BC who've had their hoods pulled off. How can the trade representatives of Alberta and BC explain why they couldn't convince either the Saskatchewan Government or the Official Opposition to buy their snake - oil?

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me Hubick??? The NDP have been selling (or "renting" according to Blakney et al) Saskatchewan out like a whore... How the H E double hockey sticks can you even suggest that the NDP are interested in Sasktchewan when it was your vaunted Tommy Douglas that signed the documents giving Uranium to the United States to drop on Japanese Babies and Women??? Or how about the 70 some odd years of the NDP signing every equalization agreement year-after-year leading to this horrible equalization imballance... IMAGINE THAT!

The real crime here is that people like yourself who claim to be on the side of labour fall so easily in the the trap of NDP double-talk and actions - just because they say they don't support it doesn't mean the NDP hands are clean. The only reason I can see for you holding up the NDP as some kind of great defender is because you hold out hope that like Sandra Morin and other sycophantic social-climbers in Unions you're hoping to get the golden nod and become a Candidate to exploit the life out of Saskatchewan for your NDP masters.