Tuesday, 21 August 2007

SPP is built around secrecy and US military command - law expert

Don't believe the corporate spin doctors and the right-wing politicians they control. The so-called Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) will benefit no one but the corporate power brokers at the expense of average citizens and our democratic societies.

That's why they refuse to discuss it in the open, and prefer to meet in secret, behind closed doors and surrounded by tax-payer funded barricades complete with military and police armed with pepper spray, tear gas, and rubber bullets.

"The agreement's title is classic framing: "Security and Prosperity Partnership" (SPP) conjures up comfortable images. Michael Byers says the agreement under discussion this week by Canadian, US and Mexican leaders Harper, Bush and Calderon should more properly be framed as a secret agreement to give sweeping military, immigration and border control of all three countries over to the US. On Sunday, Byers, the Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law at the University of British Columbia told a standing-room-only forum in Ottawa about the politics and persuasion connected with the agreement under discussion behind the barricades this week at Montebello, Quebec."

Read the entire article (quoted above) on "harperindex.ca" by clicking here.

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