Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The Privatization Chameleons

When B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell ran for election in 2001 - as part of his campaign he promised he wouldn't privatize public services and B.C. Crowns. That promise lasted about 3 seconds after he was elected.

Read the Tyee article published yesterday entitled: Public Jobs Went Private, Work Life Soured, to see how it has all played out.

There are numerous other examples of where the Gordon Campbell government basically ripped up duly negotiated collective agreements, fired (mostly) women workers, privatized and contracted out their jobs to multi-national corporations, and then the workers got their old jobs back at 1/2 the wages. Thereby totally ignoring, and violating the workers Constitutional and Charter Rights. The Supreme Court of Canada found the B.C. Government guilty of the above.

Makes one question the sincerity and honesty of any ideologically right-of-centre party when they are prepared to "say whatever it takes to get elected."

Check out today's posting over at "Owls and Roosters" for further analysis of the Sask. Party privatization plans "Enterprise Saskatchewan" style. Click on: Saskatchewan Party Leader Brad Wall ducks tough questions on Enterprise Saskatchewan; Industry and Resources employees could lose jobs.

See any potential similarities?


Anonymous said...

Whatever Larry. Are people still listening? Governments govern for everyone, not just government employees.

Larry Hubich said...

Anon, And your point is?

lance said...

Having poured over the CPC platform, I can categorically state that there is nothing in there either for or against outsourcing services.

There is, however, several categorical denials of privatizing the Crowns.


Larry Hubich said...

The CPC platform? I thought we were in a provincial election.

Or are you suggesting that one of the provincial parties has had their platform crafted by Stephen Harper?

Anonymous said...

the denials of privatizing the crowns just fly in the face of recent (and I mean RECENT) comments of the sask party to do just that to STC for sure and to SecureTek- well, we don't know. Brad says no, but his crown critic says yes.

It's not a fear campaign to speculate on these obvious comments in the news. It's not like they're made up. It's a fear campaign to deny deny deny and poke in the eyes of those who question - and then do the same thing.

lance said...

Sheesh! :) I meant the SP platform. I am just so used to referencing the governing part as the CPC, that I did it automatically when talking about our soon to be governing party.


Richard_Cranium said...

Larry, it is good to see that you are desperate. To even suggest that a SP in Sask would do what another party in another province did reeks of desperation. You are not alone, I have talked to many desperate dippers who have had the fear driven into them from their union leaders and literature. I am glad that in a week this chicken little mindset will be silenced. And by the way, IF the SP privatize any of the major crowns I will be first in line to vote NDP next election.

Anonymous said...

Did you even watch the debate, Larry?? When asked who the make up of Enterprise Saskatchewan would be, Brad destinctly mentioned ( but was shouted out by Karwacki)consultation with Economic Development Boards, FSIN and he probably would have mentioned your group had he not have been drowned out. My question to you is how do you intend to work in good faith with a Sask Party governement after your constant unfounded allegations of privatization and complete backing of the NDP? Like it or not this is going to be the reality in Saskatchewan and your member groups need to work with government.

Anonymous said...

Larry, my point is that all your examples of "conservative" atrocities center around government employees. Once in a while employers have to get tough on payroll -- even unions with their own staff. That's good for the electorate in many cases, not bad. That's why we elect people -- to be good managers.

Speaking of violating workers rights -- what did the Supreme Court of Canada say to your brothers in the iron workers union when they fired linda merk for blowing the whistle?

Larry Hubich said...

I will respond to a couple of the questions raised:

1. I will work with whatever government is elected. I always have and I always will. My job is to represent the interests of the affiliates of the SFL and by extension all workers - public and private sector, unionized and those who do not yet have a union.

The choice of what type of relationship exists between labour and political parties (i.e. governments) is determined by them, and their approach to the issues important to workers.

If they choose the adversarial approach they should not be surprised to experience an adversarial response. If they chose an approach of co-operation, compromise and respect that will be reflected back. Regardless of who forms government.

2. The "conservative atrocites" I refered to are well documented and have been underscored by decision of the Supreme Court of Canada.

In the case cited, it happened to be public sector workers - mostly women. That action by Gordon Campbell's government was not good for anybody - except a few multi-national companies.

There are other cases including Dunmore v. Ontario (Attorney General, [2001] 3 S.C.R. 1016, 2001 SCC 94; where the Supreme Court of Canada found the Ontario Government of Mike Harris (again Conservative) guilty of violating the Constitutional and Charter Rights of "private sector" employees when his government brought in a law the prohibited "agricultural workers" from joining or forming a union.

The Supreme Court struck it down. You can read the case at:

3. As for your question about Whistle Blowing - I support workers being protected by legislation and the courts when they blow the whistle against their employer, regardless of who that employer is.

Anonymous said...

Hey Larry did you know that the meals on wheels program at the Saskatoon health region is be contracted out right now? Two months ago all meals that used to be made at RUH have been contracted out to the privet for profit nursing home Extendicare. Come monday morning over half of the meals made a Saskatoon city hospital will be made at the privet for profit nursing home Saskatoon convalescent home. That's a good amount of SEIU work being contracted out hey? What political party is in power and lets this happen again Larry?