Saturday, 20 October 2007

Sask. Party candidate denies connection

Joe Kuchta over at the "Owls and Roosters" blog has just posted an entry analysing the link between the Sask. Party and the Sask. Federal Conservatives. Click here.


The NDP Boogeyman said...


I thought you were brighter than this.

After the trouble your last Hubich/Kuchta tag team post caused your beloved NDP, you do link to the same blog that does exactly the same thing; reveal the SK Party sources but not the NDP sources?

The trouble you have gotten them into is revealed on my blog; check it out.

I couldn't possibly have a coffee with you. It would be like talking to a metal post.

Anonymous said...

Hey Boogey, once you're done with the name calling maybe you could try putting forth an actual argument for a change. Like, tell us all what the Sask Party is going to do for workers? Tell us all about how great things are going to be after Brad Wall's War on Labour. Then we'll get to see how bright you are.

The NDP Boogeyman said...

You claim I'm calling names and you call yourself "bad whall."

Aren't you lefties getting tired of being so predicatble and so hypocrtical?

"Tell us all about how great things are going to be after Brad Wall's War on Labour"

Based on that last statement alone, you are a) an NDP party operative or supporter or b) a union hack. Therefore no reasonable argument I put forth on any right wing party's position will convince you of anything. Even if Brad Wall introduced, verbatim, the available hours legislation and passed it, you would condemn it.

That's how blind the leftist ideologues are in SK.

I guess you'll just have to wait and see after the election what Wall does with Labour.

But I can tell you that good or bad for the province and the workers, people like you and Hubich will condemn it for the sake of condemning it.

It's like putting lipstick on pig.

Anonymous said...

Come on Boogeyman, you can do better than that. For a person with such a sharp wit you have an awful thin skin.

Trent said...

Why would anyone deny an association wiht the federal Conservatives if they had one? In case everyone has forgot, the Federal Conservatives won 12 seats last election and 13 in the prior one here in Saskatchewan and the NDP have been completely shut out both times. The Liberals are more popular than the NDP.

If you the NDP want to raise their popularity they should try and associate themselves with the Conservatives.

If I were an NDP, I would be very concerned that this maybe a trend and I wouldn't want to remind voters that the federal and provincial NDP are connected in anyway, considering how enormously unpopular Jack Layton and the Fed. NDP are here in Saskatchewan.

And according to the polls, nothing is about to change.

sunnyside said...

Looks like Alberta is foaming at the mouth like a pack of wolves in a chicken coop at the thought of a Brad Wall Sask party government.