Thursday, 21 February 2008

Bill 5 and Bill 6? UNION BUSTING, plain and simple.

The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) has posted it's brief to Sask. Party Minister of Advanced Education, Employment and Labour Minister Rob Norris on the SFL Web-Site.

You can download a copy of the brief here: Brief to Minister Norris - Bills 5 & 6. (Adobe PDF Format)

You can download a copy of the SFL's Flyer here: Our rights are essential. (Adobe PDF Format)


Brian said...

Come on Larry - get real. If Brad Wall, Rob Norris, et al were really interested in 'union busting' (as you put it), they'd be rolling out 'right-to-work' legislation, not Bills 5 & 6. Bill 6 restores a balance of power to employers, and a fair and objective reading of it and the underlying TUA by a reasonable person would easily come to that conclusion.

While one could argue Bill 6 has gone a little far in some areas (e.g. 45% required to force a secret ballot vote, rather than 25% or 30%), in general it's a pretty good piece of legislation.

Unknown said...

Bill 5 tramps on the constitutional right to organize. And if it really were about safety of the public, then why aren't ambulance workers/EMTs covered, and yet, casino workers are.

Bill 6 hardly hardly allows a secret ballot vote when the employer gets to sit and watch as people vote. People who don't want to "create a stir" will be intimidated to stay home, and the automatic assumption that a non-vote is a "No" vote to unionization flies in the face of democracy. If every person that sat home the day of provincial or federal elections vote counted as a "No" vote for one party or the other, all hell would break loose.
Both of these bills will be squashed once they get to the Supreme Court of Canada, rest assured of this.