Monday, 4 February 2008

Proposed Essential Services Legislation - Has the government gone too far?

Saskatchewan Union of Nurses Lawyer, Ronni Nordal has written an article in the most recent issue of the union's official newsletter - SUNSpots - Winter 2008 - under the following heading: "Proposed Essential Services legislation amounts to a denial of SUN members' right to strike". (Download is in Adobe PDF format).

"If passed, this legislation could amount to a denial of the right to strike for SUN members. Debate will commence on Bill No. 5 when the legislature next sits in March, 2008. If passed, SUN will be required to either negotiate an Essential Services Agreement, or run the risk of the Employer serving Section 9 notice and only having the ability to argue against the number of employees required before the Labour Relations Board. SUN is considering all of its options, including a legal challenge under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms." (Full article available here.)

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can't_believe_it said...

if we are so short on nurses in saskatchewan that the legislation takes away their right to strike .......TOO BAD. The nurses in this province have held us up to ransom for too many times alreadyt.... SUCK IT UP. BOO HOO! GET BACK TO WORK!!!!! You are not doctors, and you are not worth doctor wages,,,, quit whining and go back to work!!!