Wednesday, 27 February 2008

What seems to be the problem here?

On February 6, 2008 I wrote this letter to Sask. Party Premier Brad Wall requesting that the provincial government refer Bills 5 and 6 to the Court of Appeal for determination as to their constitutionality under the Constitutional Questions Act of Saskatchewan.

On February 20, 2008 my office received this letter (dated February 8, 2008) from Premier Wall advising that Justice Minister and Attorney General, Don Morgan had already responded to my letter.

Because no response from Mr. Morgan had been received at the SFL Office, I asked the SFL staff to contact Mr. Morgan's office (late last week) to determine if a letter had been sent. The SFL staff was advised by someone in Mr. Morgan's office that the matter was being worked on.

Since nothing has arrived as of today (February 27, 2008) I phoned Mr. Morgan's office to find out when the response the Premier referred to in his letter would be forthcoming. Mr. Morgan's staff could not immediately respond, but subsequently left the following voice mail on my phone a few minutes later:

Voice Message from Don Morgan's Office (.wav format)

Voice Message from Don Morgan's Office (.mp3 format)

The message says:
"Hello Larry, ah, it’s Michelle calling back from Minister Morgan’s office. The Premier responded to your letter on February 8th and the Justice Ministry was copied on this letter. And the Minister Morgan will not be responding further. Again, Minister Morgan will not be responding any further as the Premier has …. has corresponded with you. Thank you. Bye."


leftdog said...

This goes far beyond anything that could be described as 'incompetent'!

I think it is normal in most government correspondence for the Premier's Office to provide immediate acknowledgment of receipt of an enquiry such as yours. The appropriate Minister, (Morgan in this case) would issue the substantive response with a c.c. back to the Premier.

These people haven't even figured our where the washrooms are in the Legislature building yet!

If it is not imcompetence ... you are dealing with gross arrogance.

Neither is very flattering coming from the Office of the Premier of Saskatchewan.

Saskboy said...

Good God. So now the government has evolved from ministries that refuse to correspond further because they hate it when you're right and they are wrong, to ministries that refuse to correspond further because they thought they replied even though they didn't, and skip right to the last step of putting their fingers into their ears and mumbling?

Now that's progress, they are streamlining after all.

Saskboy said...

I couldn't get your .wav to work.
If you use Audacity (free audio program) you can encode it as .mp3 instead if you have the full .wav on your computer still.
You may need to get the Lame MP3 codec from another program such as CDex (also free and nifty).

Larry Hubich said...

Thank you Saskboy. I have converted the file from .wav to .mp3. Links to both formats are now posted.

Unknown said...

Oh boo hoo. Mr. Nilsen never responded to numerous requests we've made of his office, and his staff responded with what could best be described as a "PFO' letter numerous times.

Larry Hubich said...


Thank you for participating in this blog.

You wrote: "... requests we've made of his office...."

"We"? As in?

Saskboy said...

No kidding Paul. I thought your Sask Party was supposed to be BETTER than the NDP, not emulating them?