Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The Vanishing Wheat Sheaf

Early on in the mandate following the election of the new Brad Wall team, the Sask. Party government announced that they would be eliminating the "stylized wheat sheaf" as a symbol of Saskatchewan. This announcement resulted in much public outcry from the citizens of the province who, over the years, have grown quite fond of the symbol.

As a result, the Sask. Party government backed away from their stated intention and announced that they had a change of heart and accordingly would not be abandoning the much loved symbol.

Now in my job, I get a lot of correspondence from government officials, agencies, ministries and departments - low and behold, the letterheads are changing and by stealth the much admired "wheat sheaf" is being systematically dropped. In fact, go to the Provincial Government website at: and see if you can find it. Play along for fun and prizes!

Is that how the Sask Party runs the province? Say one thing - do the opposite.


myworld said...

Oh yes its certainly interesting in the least to see the disappearance of our province's symbol, blatantly against the will of the voters.
Pure kiddie's playground material.
So are they going to listen to our views on oh I don't know, nuclear reactors, health care, education?
Whats next? The forming of a board of people to tell them how to run things? Oh wait - they've already done it with enterprise Saskatchewan. And the voice of the people in a true democracy? Stifled, at best. Or in the Letters to the Editor, or thankfully on the net.
Incredible. You'd think they'd be embarrassed for themselves, but thats not the way of the kiddie playground.

HankR said...

So, exactly what does this have to do with the promotion and advancement of labour and it's causes?

Quit wasting our time, Larry and stand up for our workers.

No wonder Bills 5 & 6 got passed with you leading the SFL if you're concerned about stuff like this.

What a waste of time and effort.

Larry Hubich said...

Thank you for participating in this blog.

I comment on, and am interested in many things.

myworld said...

Well, I can tell you what this has to do with the advancement of labour and its causes:
If the gov't can't be trusted to carry out the voters' wishes on the wheat sheaf; our traditional icon that we as the voters see as an important representation of our province, what else are they not going to carry out the voters' wishes on?
We told them in no uncertain terms that we want the wheat sheaf left alone, and they removed it anyway.
This paints a picture of a gov't that will not listen to voters, which is the exact opposite of a true democracy. Get the bigger picture?
It has a lot to do with labour, just think about it for a minute...

Larry Hubich said...

Myworld, Thank you for participating in this blog. Your comment illustrates that many things are interconnected.

HankR said...

I'm sorry, myworld. I missed the vote on the wheatsheaf. When exactly was that held?

myworld said...

I didn't say we voted on it, hankr. My use of the word "voters" was used in reference to the voting population of Saskatchewan. But upon thinking about it, I spoke with some kids who also said they didn't want the wheat sheaf removed, so I guess "voters" was a mis-used word there.
I heard about the fact that the people of Saskatchewan were against the removal of the wheat sheaf and heard it on the radio, so I figure its got to be true.

Saskboy said...

A short memory about "Saskatchewan!" Larry?