Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Terrorizing Dissent

This does not require any comment by me whatsoever. Watch this first video and you'll be compelled to watch the rest of them. This was recorded during the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minnesota in September. Absolutely astonishing.

Check out all 4 video segments by clicking here: http://www.terrorizingdissent.org/s1h.php

Read more at the Terrorizing Dissent web site by clicking here....


the regina mom said...

The feminist activist, Starhawk, was there and did a lot of reporting from that event. It was horrific!

Mike30 said...

I don’t have any issue here; I’m pro cop so I generally side with them in these types of situations. I’m making the assumption that the police HAD to do what they did to keep law and order. I can see how others could see it differently. If there was wrong doing by the police there should be disciplinary action taken (with their union rep). I’m not sure what your issue is Larry aren’t these officers your brothers?