Monday, 16 November 2009

Every Page Blacked Out - Secrecy in Saskatchewan

Check out the blog posting over on the Owls and Roosters Blog entitled: Secrecy trumps transparency as Wall gov’t denies five FOI requests on wage mandate and SAHO negotiations with health care provider unions.

Citizen blogger, Joe Kuchta, exposes the stunning actions of the Brad Wall government related to recent Freedom of Information requests Kuchta made respecting ongoing Health Care Bargaining between SAHO and the provider unions (SGEU, SEIU, and CUPE)

Astonishingly, Kuchta was provided with 10 pages of apparent documentation related to his request with every page completely "blacked out".

The photos above are a composite of the actual 10 pages of "blacked out" material that was forwarded to Mr. Kuchta.

These anti-democratic and secretive actions certainly make a lie of the government's worn out and meaningless slogans including:

“promises and fulfill the commitments of the election, operating with integrity and transparency, accountable to the people of Saskatchewan.”
and to
“demonstrate leadership for good governance, transparency, and accountability across government.”


myworld said...

Transparent, no.
Is it legal?

Larry Hubich said...

Hi Myworld,

Thanks for participating in this blog.

Who knows the legality of refusing to provide information under the "Freedom of Information" legislation. It's certainly immoral, and makes a mockery of the entire process.

It also proves that the current government is engaged in a cover-up.