Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Like Father, Like Son

In 1989 the province of Saskatchewan was nearly bankrupted by an incompetent and corrupt government under the leadership of then Conservative Premier, Grant Devine.

20 years later, and 2 short years into the first term of Grant Devine's protégé, we appear to be headed down that same slippery slope. Where did all the money go?

NDP slams minister for missed deficit signals - CBC

Saskatchewan likely facing recession (weasel word for deficit) by end of fiscal year: finance minister - Leader-Post/StarPhoenix

Deficit talk rises in Saskatchewan as potash revenues fall to unprecedented low - P.A. Herald


myworld said...

Yes, and I heard on the news yesterday that they announced they will have to dip in to our savings to cover the deficit.

The savings that the former government took 2 terms to establish and build.

And then the same guys who robbed us blind the last time they were in under another name, are doing it again, and so freaking quickly this time... yeah blame it on the potash, good one.

This isn't a rant on the good of the NDP - its a statement on history repeating itself, unless checked.
Too bad the electorate believed everything they read in the "news"paper at election time.

Audrey II said...

Bingo. The Wall regime is increasingly showing it's "Devine" roots.

The question now is, how big is the mess they're going to leave?